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For Adults, Kids, and Teens

We have “fun but serious” guitar classes in Bethesda, Maryland with an acoustic folk-rock vibe for adults, kids, and teens. We also have opportunities to play in adult or student guitar ensembles. Kids can learn guitar in a fun and motivating environment. Adults can advance their guitar and musicianship skills and join a community of like-minded folks who love playing music.

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  • “When my nine-year-old son started taking guitar with Paul almost a year ago, he had no prior musical knowledge. Now I watch him delightedly as he sings melodies and figures out the notes to play on his guitar. I have to give a lot of credit to Paul for helping him achieve the level he's at now after only ten months. Paul has not only been a great and patient music teacher, but he also knows very well how to motivate his students!”
    Z.G., parent of 4th grade student
  • “I took Paul’s beginning guitar classes and I renewed for several more sessions.  He’s a great teacher, the guitar classes were fun and really effective, and they were the best part of my week!”
    V. K., computer scientist
  • “Paul is an awesome teacher!! When I began studying with Paul, I had been a drummer and piano player for years and was looking for basic competency on guitar. In a matter of just a few weeks, I was strumming chords and playing songs.  His teaching has made me a better musician overall and has made me a more adept and confident songwriter and performer with my band.”
    L.N., musician/music educator
  • “Paul Bangser is a great teacher and I recommend him to my friends and coworkers whenever I get a chance. My daughter started taking lessons with Paul about one and a half years ago, and she has made tremendous progress thanks to Paul’s teaching skills and the enthusiasm he brings to his lessons. She is not only enjoying playing guitar but also is learning a lot about music styles and theory and is developing her love for music overall. I am very glad to have Paul as her teacher!”
    S.O., parent of 5th grade student
  • “Paul – Thanks for a fabulous evening.  My husband and I were in awe of how much you have been able to accomplish [with this student band] in such a short period of time!!  Thanks for all your time and effort.  David is thoroughly enjoying himself!”
    M.N., parent of high school student
  • "It's great learning how to play the guitar with Michael. Highly recommended!"
    Ed B., Bethesda, MD
  • “Paul Bangser is not only one of Washington's best guitarists but he is an extraordinary teacher. His passion for the guitar matches his commitment to help you grow. His lessons are well organized, flexible and designed to get you where you want to go."
    Ken J., theater director
  • "Michael Bard is a patient and talented teacher, I really enjoy studying with him."
    Debbie A., Washington, D.C.