Private Lessons for Adults, Kids, and Teens

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Who? Private lessons on guitar are available for adults, kids (age 9 or over) and teens. We teach all levels, from complete beginners to advanced players.

Kids and Teens: Students who are beginners start out learning how to strum through songs with good tone and rhythm, while later they advance to note reading, fret board knowledge and finger-style playing. The atmosphere is “fun but serious” and we teach through a variety of great songs from classic rock, pop, and folk to more contemporary music.

We want to help younger students develop an excitement and love of the guitar and music. Students acquire solid skills in playing guitar in a variety of styles and become self-sufficient in learning new songs on their own. We provide a foundation that allows students to continue learning guitar in any style.

Adults: Some of our adult students are new to guitar or are picking it back up after time away, while others are experienced players. Our teachers are well-versed in a wide variety of styles, including contemporary and classic rock and pop (the Who, Eric Clapton, Beatles, etc.) and finger-style and folk/rock (James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills & Nash). We also have teachers who specialize in jazz guitar (jazz harmony, improvising, learning jazz standards and chord-melody solos, etc.) and Spanish/Latin and classical guitar.

Cost: $45 for 30-minute lessons, $65 for 45-minute lessons, and $80 for one-hour lessons.

Get started: Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a trial lesson at no obligation, no cost.