Guitar Classes for Kids and Teens



Topics in our beginner classes include basic chords, strumming patterns, and finger style techniques, which are taught through a variety of pop, rock, and folk songs.  You’ll learn not only good finger technique and how to get a clear tone, but also how to make music by establishing a beat and playing with good rhythm.  Through our focus on learning rhythm and song forms, you’ll be playing fun songs all the way through, from early on.

Our goal is to help younger students develop an excitement and love of the guitar and music. Students acquire solid guitar skills and ultimately become self-sufficient in learning new songs on their own. They are poised to continue learning in any style of guitar.

A reasonable amount of practice time each week is all students need to experience growth and success.  To help you succeed, you’ll receive clear guides for what to practice each week and how to practice effectively.

At the end of the session, class members are encouraged to perform a song together for family and friends at one of our very popular showcase events, held at a local restaurant.  Join the fun!

Classes run for 10 weeks. There are three to six students per class. 

Cost:   $325.00.  All written materials are included.

Location:  The Writer’s Center, Bethesda MD (see Locations)

Refund policy:  A 100% refund is available if you cancel before the second class in the session.  If you decide to drop out after the second class, you are entitled to a pro-rated credit (not a refund) that can be applied to future classes or private lessons.

Spring classes begin the week of February 10, 2018. Classes are forming for Mondays at 4:30-5:25 p.m. and Wednesdays at 4:30 – 5:25 p.m.  Classes run for ten weeks.

Spring classes begin February 7, 2018, meeting on Wednesdays from 4:15 – 5:10 p.m. and running for ten weeks. 

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INTERMEDIATE ACOUSTIC GUITAR TECHNIQUE:  This class is for those who already have basic guitar skills or who have taken our Beginners Guitar classes and want to go further.  We’ll continue to emphasize good sound, technique, rhythm, and the ability to play songs from start to finish with a variety of techniques.  We’ll add new, trickier strum variations and combinations as well as new chords and finger-style patterns and more on tab and single-note riffs.  We’ll also learn how to solo over blues forms, learn some light music theory to be able to transpose and understand song forms, and lots more.

Class members are encouraged to perform a song or two together for family and friends at our very popular showcase events, held at a local restaurant several times a year.  Join the fun!

All classes are one-hour long and meet once per week.  There are three to six students per class.

Cost:   $140.00 per month.  All materials are included.  This is an ongoing class.  Sign up on a monthly basis (no obligation to continue).

Location:  The Writer’s Center, Bethesda MD (see Locations)


Winter/Spring ’18 classes are forming now – please call for details.

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